Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Do you know your brand has emotional capabilities?


The Consumer is, more of an emotional being than a rational being, thus rationality is loathed while emotional stimulus is relished at any time!

EMgagetion is emotional engagement. The focus is necessary because most brands treat the consumer with reckless abandon this births some marketing catastrophes like poor customer service, over communication Instead of dialogue, Un-EMgaging consumer experience, puffery rather than connection oblivious that marketing is effective service, personal connection and dialogic.

A brand is an EMgaging persona that exudes value and radiates influence. Its EMgagetionability™ enables it command preference from consumers rather than others in the category as it galvanizes Customer Love, Trust, Respect and Pride in brand’s offerings™.

All brands have EMgagetional potentiality, all you need is the right team to enable you unleash it.

At every touch point, we believe consumers should be seduced, for a lousy experience at one touch point can negate all the kisses gathered from previous contact(s). Because we believe in EMgaging the consumer at all touch points therefore we are bothered with the visual, sound, scent, touch and emotional stimulus a brand offers. Now this is Comprehensive Touch Point management.

Do you know the Emotional potency of your brand?

At SPELLBOUND we hold the consumer is King. This line of thought informs and controls our strategic actions. We therefore place the consumer at the focal point of strategy with the view to enabling a brand perform altruistically as this is key to People Seduction™. To this end Innovation, Collaborative Social Responsibility and EMgagetion are recommended.

Brandfficacy™ is the ability of a brand to win the hearts of Targets. It is the end of all EMgagetion. It does this by invoking brand preference which comprises consumer love, trust, respect and pride in brand’s offerings. Brandficacy implies the recognition of the consumer as an individual not only in the design of marketing materials but also in its clear promising of emotional and deliverable benefit that provokes purchase actions in a consumer, elicits repurchase behaviour and makes the brand worthy of referral.

How do we inspire and maintain Targets’ confidence?

How do we elicit Target’s pride for a brand?

How do we garner Consumer Respect for a brand?

How can we increase the Passion for a brand?

What is obstructing thee from allowing thy brand unleash its emotional potency?


An International EMgage™, Brand, PR and Conflict Resolution consulting offering exceptional services to Nations States and Corporate Bodies.

Solve the image challenges of brands
Help brands grow in value.

Enable brands EMgage™ their publics.

Brainstorm on efficacious ways of attaining Market hold™





To enable your brand EMgage™


The three bars in the logo represent Consumer Love, Trust and Pride in Brand’s Offerings.

The black stands for the fertility of ideas. At SPELLBOUND we’ve got pregnant ideas that deliver value.

The white signifies Transparency: a controlling phenomenon that ensures our processes are laid bare for scrutiny.

The Green represents the vegetation and by extension the ambience of Tourism.

Have you ever thought that EMgaging your prospects could prove an Unshakeable competitive edge?

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